the city nervous system

URBSENSE provides intelligence from data collected from urban infrastructure (smart lampposts)

How does it work?

URBSENSE offers the solution smart-lamppost-as-a-service.
Edge computing and neutral hosting capabilities allow telecom operators, application/service providers and content distribution networks to rent the urban infrastructure for their solutions.

Central nervous system
(Urban Platform)

Interoperable Integration with City Services Providers
Urban Intelligence as a Service

Circulatory System
(Integrated Mobility)

Electric Bike-Sharing
Smart Parking

Peripheral Nervous System
(Urban Physical Infrastructure OS)

Intelligence at the edge of the network
Urban Infrastructure with high modularity

Respiratory System
(Environment Improvement)

Air Quality Monitoring
Waste Collection & Urban Cleaning

Muscular System
(Energy Efficiency)

Smart Lighting
EV Charging

Harmonised intelligence of aggregated urban data

URBSENSE is Ubiwhere’s long-term ultimate vision for smart cities


URBSENSE consists of an urban platform responsible for the collection and aggregation of heterogeneous data produced by multiple sources and further provisioning to the municipal decision-makers in the form of urban intelligence.

URBSENSE acts as the city nervous system, with the duty of coordinating its actions and transmitting signals to and from different sections of its “body”. Similarly to the human nervous system, it consists of two main parts, the Urban Platform and the Urban Physical Infrastructure OS

URBSENSE provides an integrated approach for smart cities and city services providers, where it becomes possible to combine multiple vertical domains into a unified ecosystem (Urban Platform), allowing service providers to enhance their operational efficiency and cities to make better decisions based on data collected from diverse sources.

Central Nervous System
(Urban Platform)

Urban Platform, the Central Nervous System, aggregates, integrates and unifies multiple sets of city data, reasoning it to provide urban intelligence and cognition to the decision makers.

City Services Providers

Improved operational efficiency for mobility, environment and energy domains

Urban Intelligence

Better decision making for municipalities based on the collected data


Compliance with multiple European Open Standards

Peripheral Nervous System
(Urban Physical Infrastructure OS)

Urban Physical Infrastructure OS, the Peripheral Nervous System, collects and manages data directly from the various city devices and other third-party solutions, connecting these with the Urban Platform, and providing both interoperability and secure communication between systems.

Electrical Energy
  • Solar Panel for Generation
  • Electrical Grid for Transmission & Distribution
  • Car | Bicycle Plugins for E/V Charging
  • Smart Connected Efficient LED Lamps
  • Air Quality Station measuring pollution & noise
  • Video Surveillance
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Traffic
  • IoT Connectivity for Data Collection
  • 5G-ready with Neutral Hosting and Edge Computing
Smart Lamppost
  • Modular Pole rented as a service

Advisory Board

Bernardo de Seabra

Has been with Yahoo! since the acquisition of BrightRoll in 2015 where he is responsible for the architecture of data infrastructure (pipelines and warehouses) that provides advertising products with analytics and reporting capabilities. He also led the systems integration effort post BrightRoll acquisition. At Portugal Ventures, Bernardo evaluates startups’ pitches to assess potential investments. He also mentors at 500 Startups and Portugal Ventures to help startups assess and tackle their technical challenges, align their technology with business priorities, find a balance between premature optimization and scalability bottlenecks, and establish a technical vision.


Is the Technology Director of the Municipality of Olinda, also acting as Entrepreneurship Vice President and Innovation of the National Science Forum, Technology and Innovation and the Brazilian Network of Smart Cities and Human FNP (National Front of Mayors) Porto Digital advisor in Recife, representative of the OASC – Open & Agile Smart Cities in Brazil and also in the NGO Update cities in Brazil and South America and one of the directors of Brazil Entrepreneur movement.


Established UrbanDNA, after many years leading the Global Cities business at Capgemini. Collaborating with progressive cities and industry partners internationally, to identify and deliver better solutions to common urban challenges. Graham is presently driving the global smart cities agenda through positions within the European Commission (EC) Smart Cities & Communities Innovation Partnership (EIP); UK Ministerial Smart Cities Forum; ‘6-Nations’ Smart Cities Forum; ISO Smart City Strategic Advisory Group; and board of the UK Cities Standard Institute.


Is the founder and chairman of InterInnov, a company specialised in international innovation. He has more than 30 years of experience in international R & D and innovation all over Europe and beyond, most specifically in the field of IT and telecommunications. Jacques has a large network of contacts with public authorities, industry, SMEs and academic institutions, and is also involved with Canada, USA and Korea. He is a member of the Board of the 5G Infrastructure Association, the Steering Board of the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform, and the FIWARE Foundation, where he is also leading the FIWARE Mundus Committee, in charge of FIWARE’s international activities.


Has had the chance to be working for the core industry of our changing world as Telecom and IT expert for more than 30 years. In the last years, most of his career has been dedicated to Orange, and more recently to VimpelCom. Altogether Jean-Jacques has experienced several different challenges, namely: Vice-President of Business Development at Orange Group; Vice-President of Operations at Orange Poland; Vice-President of Digital at Orange France, Vice-President at Orange Spain, Vice-President at Orange Europe and Group Director at VimpelCom.


Is the Executive Director and Partner of Martel Innovate and is involved in several European and International R & D initiatives, leading the communication and community building activities across various EC funded projects in areas that include 5G, Next Generation Internet, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Involved in several IoT-focused activities including the IoT Forum, the AIOTI and the recently started CSA U4IoT, User Engagement for Large Scale Pilots in the Internet of Things. In the last five years, she has also been directly involved into a number of Smart Cities focused initiatives via Martel's involvement in FIWARE and OASC.


Is the Head Advisor of Porto’s City Council Innovation unit and CEO of Porto Digital, having been working on project and executive management and IT platforms for the past 15 years. Having been an invited specialist in several working groups both at the national and European level, and is working on Cloud Computing standardization international efforts (ISO/IEC JTC1 SC38; Portuguese Quality Institute Technical Committee TC128), having also been a founder of the European Association for Cloud Computing (EuroCloud), nowadays in more than 22 countries. Paulo Calçada is also leading the innovation and entrepreneurship strategy in the city of Porto in partnership with European cities.


Is an Associate Professor with “Habilitation” in the University of Aveiro and the Institute of Telecommunications, leading the Network Architectures and Protocols (NAP) group. With a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Aveiro, Susana has co-founded in March 2012 a vehicular networking company, Veniam, a spin-off of the Universities of Aveiro and Porto, which builds a seamless low-cost vehicle-based internet infrastructure. She has more than 15 years of experience in technical leadership in many national and international projects, and worked closely with telecom operators and OEMs


URBSENSE has been developed by Ubiwhere, a Research and Innovation software development SME, based in Portugal. Ubiwhere creates innovative and user-centered software solutions, with the vision of being an international reference in Smart Cities and Future Internet.

URBSENSE provides an integrated approach that combines multiple vertical domains into a unified ecosystem (Urban Platform), allowing service providers to enhance their operational efficiency and city managers to make better decisions based on data collected from diverse sources.

URBSENSE offers Urban-Intelligence-as-a-Service through a monthly subscription fee. Please get in touch with us for more details.

URBSENSE is an interoperable solution compliant with several Open Standards. It can be installed on multiple types of hardware and urban infrastructure, even though the smart lamppost is its ideal vehicle.